Five Signs you need a Dentist as soon as possible

They say you should go to your dentist twice a year, but who are “they” anyway?! You can avoid the dentist if you brush your teeth a few times a day and floss only occasionally. No one will notice, will they? Your teeth will be fine. Wrong. Semi-annual dental appointments are vital to maintaining a good smile and dental hygiene. But if you’re still unsure, here are five warning signs that you need a dentist Perth.

1.When you have teeth like Sharks

Look in the mirror. Please take a good hard look and analyse it. If you find out that you are not a shark, you may have some problems. Sharks have about five rows of teeth at a time, and as the old teeth fall out, they continue to make new ones. But humans get only one set of baby teeth and one set of adult teeth. If you’re not a shark, you have little room for error (with very little appetite!) Be sure to go to your dentist, or you’ll be in trouble!

2. When children use yellow crayons to draw their teeth

It’s just a shame. Teeth should be lined and not even coloured. However, there is a problem if a child uses a yellow crayon to colour your teeth in the picture. Either the baby is bad, or you need a dentist right away! Don’t fall into this embarrassing trap, and be sure to heed this warning sign!

3. When you can compare your smile to a hockey player

This warning sign does not apply to you if you are on the Olympic hockey team. You’ll probably get hit now and then, and your teeth will fall out, no matter how many mouth guards you use. However, if you are not a hockey player but missing four front teeth, something is wrong. You either need to do a better job of avoiding punches in the face or go to a dentist.

4. When it hurts to chew

Do you laugh in pain whenever something cold or sweet bites you? Well, either you are just a big crying baby, or you have some dental problems (or both!). A dentist Perth will help you to deal with this problem. Tooth sensitivity is a clear sign that you need to go to the dentist, and it may indicate the development of a cavity.

5. When you haven’t kissed anyone in months 

Of course, you’ll have your low point now and then. But if your partner turns around and gives you the cheek whenever you go in for a kiss, your dental hygiene may be to blame! Avoid this embarrassing disaster and go to the dentist before going on another awkward date. It doesn’t have to be like this! Your dentist Perth is no dating coach, but they will certainly contribute to giving you a beautiful smile.

Finding the right dentist in Perth 

There is little doubt about the importance of taking good care of your teeth, but still, it seems that not many people worldwide are going out of their way to developing proper dental care habits. Sometimes it’s not their fault, although most people have parents who have instructed them from a very early age on what to do to keep their teeth in good condition.

Sometimes it’s because it’s easy to get caught up in the hectic aspects of life, thinking it’s okay to skip brushing your teeth only once. Then you drop it every other day before you even realize it, and eventually, you end up with lots of bad cavities or worse infections that need proper dental surgery to fix.

Whether you are seeking the best dental care in the world or not, you want to be sure to visit your nearest dentist Perth. While it’s true that you can never live without seeing your dentist, your teeth are likely to stay in good condition longer if you visit more often.

Most of the dental professionals you will meet worldwide will tell you that it is best to visit your dentist Perth at least twice every two years. However, some other dental professionals will tell you that visiting is a better idea even more often. No matter which option you choose for yourself, what you want to take away from that discussion is that it’s important to see a dentist.


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